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PetPix World believes in long-term marketing and a new innovative branding approach.

We don't only share your flyers, we are helping you brand yourself and attract the right demographic of raving fans and clients!

PetPix is known for its innovative approach and fun community.

We believe in showcasing your business in a very natural, original and desirable way. People buy from the companies they believe in and trust... not only from a flyer. So we are here to help you and your business grow.

Everyone can invest in Facebook or Instagram ads. Yes, it will give you fast access to many people, but it wouldn't necessarily translate to long-term raving fans and clients.

You might decide to work with a pet influencer, this is great but still wouldn't give you long-term business benefits. People will see their posts or stories, but they will get buried in a short while.


Here PetPix World comes in place. Our Podcast will give you broad access to some of the major podcast platforms like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music, Amazon Audible, Pandora, Google Podcast, and more. This helps your brand to gain better SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) and gives you a better Google ranking.

We will be highlighting all the companies we work with within our Magazine, Podcast Highlight Episodes, Social Media and more.

We will make sure we give you the best short and long-term marketing collaterals according to the package you choose to go with.

You can start with any lower tier package, and you can upgrade or cancel at any point and time.

We are in this together, and we will do anything we can to help you achieve your goals and triple your business!

Keep in mind that we would love to help you if you have a new product launch, virtual event, or a new clothing collection. PetPix World is here for you! Get ready for a fun journey and to be able to handle more business. 🐶



We offer a multiplatform advertising approach to help you best reach your target market. 

Magazine ▪︎ Podcast ▪︎ Facebook ▪︎ Instagram ▪︎ YouTube ▪︎ Newsletters ▪︎ Website ▪︎ Blog



Working with us is easy, and, we like to make it fun. We have lots of options to fit your brand goals. Let’s get started!



(Value: $275)

  • 1/4 Magazine Ad
  • 1 Facebook Highlight Post (FB Business Page, FB Group)
  • 1 Facebook Story (FB Business Page)
  • 1 Instagram Feed Post
  • 1 Instagram Story

Additional $25 for a magazine video ad


🌟 GOLD 🌟


(Value: $350)

  • Half-Page Magazine Ad
  • 2 Facebook Highlight Posts (FB Business Page, FB Group)
  • 2 Facebook Stories (FB Business Page)
  • 2 Instagram Feed Posts
  • 2 Instagram Stories

Additional $25 for a magazine video ad




Most Popular (Value: $600)

  • Full-Page Magazine Ad
  • 4 Facebook Highlight Posts - once a week (FB Business Page, FB Group)
  • 4 Facebook Stories - once a week (FB Business Page)
  • 4 Instagram Feed Posts - once a week
  • 4 Instagram Stories - once a week
  • Logo Recognition: Add your logo under Featured Brands on our website
  • Written Article: Highlight a new product or a client (Optional)
  • 1 Live Video Broadcast or Audio Podcast with Vasi: Highlight a new product or a client
  • One-time shoutout from Vasi about your brand during one of her lives or podcasts

Additional $25 for a magazine video ad




(Value: $700)

  • Full-Page Magazine Ad
  • Magazine Video Ad
  • 8 Facebook Highlight Posts - twice a week (FB Business Page, FB Group)
  • 8 Facebook Stories - twice a week (FB Business Page)
  • 8 Instagram Feed Posts - twice a week
  • 8 Instagram Stories - twice a week
  • Logo Recognition: Add your logo under Featured Brands on our website
  • Written Article: Highlight a new product or a client (Optional)
  • 1 or 2 Live Video Broadcasts or Audio Podcasts with Vasi: Highlight a new product or a client
  • Add those videos to PetPix World YouTube channel
  • One-time shoutout from Vasi about your brand during one of her lives or podcasts
  • Add PetPix World as your sponsor on your website
  • Add your logo on PetPix World's website under sponsors
  • Get featured in our newsletter
  • Add an ad on PetPix World Podcast (with over 160,000 downloads)

Additional $75 for adding your logo to PetPix Flyers during the month



From $60

Select your preferred ad by clicking on the price below.

*Additional $25 for a magazine video ad (upon checkout)

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Why Advertise with PetPix World

❈ PetPix World is the first ever hybrid online magazine and social media teaching network platform focusing on highlighting the pet fashion world, pet experts, pet parents, virtual and physical pet events and fundraisers from all around the world. ❈ 


160,000+ Podcast Downloads & Views

PetPix World Podcast Ranked at TOP 0.5% Globally & TOP 10 in the USA

1.4k+ Active Members on Facebook

Access a pool of highly engaged users who are interested in your products and are willing to talk about how much they love your brand!

8,000+ Monthly Magazine Views

1 year after launching our podcast, we are trilled to be able to create our First HYBRID Magazine.

41,000+ Monthly Website Page Views

Our website is frequently updated and has over 40,000 monthly website views.

10,000+ Daily Reach Across Social Media

Our loyal fan base across social media is always happy to engage with us and get updates from us. Our fans often share our posts and pages with their friends, increasing the number of people who engage with our content.

Highly-Engaged Community & Brands

We also provide a place for you to connect with other brands and exchange experiences with them!


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