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Hi World, Hi Friend!  Capturing the "FUR PERFECT" pet portraits sometimes requires the use of equipment. But you go on Amazon or a different website, and you might feel overwhelmed by the options...then you end up spending a ton ☺️🌏 without utilizing all the functions. πŸ“ΈUsing a phone is very different from a camera so I have created a special list with everything you need. Sometimes you don't need the most expensive lights or background. Read this blog post and watch this video.  I want to help you and make it easy for you. I created a list of excellent equipment from Amazon on a budget. IN THIS VIDEO you will learn more details about what equipment to get.  Learn more about and make the best choice for YOU!  FRIENDS check out this video.

You will find it very interesting! I want to share everything what I recommend as equipment from amazon:

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In this video you will learn about picking the right classes/membership and START TAKING BEAUTIFUL PROFESSIONAL- LOOKING PHOTOS or VIDEOS with your phone and Petpix World. I get asked, "Vasi, where do I start with PetPix classes...?” Or “what do you suggest, class or membership?” I hope this video gives you all the answers you are looking for. I have created a system, and it works. Everything is simple and easy to follow, learn and apply. Our students become superstars pretty quickly for a reason. It doesn't matter if you have an iPhone or an android. I teach the principles and how you can apply everything very easily. A lot of our students reach their goals faster than they ever imagined - taking beautiful professional-looking photos and videos, creating incredible 3D looking digital composites in Canva, building the perfect home studio on a budget, winning contests, becoming a brand ambassador and, hopefully, learning combinations, growing their social media following and much more. Our private community is very special, uplifting and one of a kind. I am a 3rd generation photographer, 4th generation artist and I have earned 2 Photography degrees. I taught photographers, but I picked a world with pet parents and businesses, knowing that I could help them and make a difference. Helping rescue organizations and people create timeless memories. I might not talk about my photography studio much, but the truth is that I have clients booking me 1 year in advance, traveling a few hours to come to me. I have a high-end boutique studio with very exclusive clients. My work is decorating a lot of homes with canvases all around the globe. I have people who ask me, " Vasi, are you coming to the UK or Australia to take photos of our pups?” I am very honored to share my knowledge with you and open the doors to a new world of beauty, joy, creativity, fulfillment, and creating incredible and exceptional memories. I believe in you! You have the community and me TOGETHER! Only so many of our family and loved ones will know about our photography passion, but we are HERE for each other! We are in this TOGETHER!

Learn to take pictures of your pets like a pro using just your phone!

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