Struggle with taking beautiful pet photos with your phone?

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Hello Fellow Pet Parents,
I am so glad you are here and ready to learn how to capture your pets’ most adorable moments. I developed PetPix Academy because so many of my clients were looking for suggestions on how to photography their furry family members at home, so I created a course where even the most inexperienced phone-holder can create professional-quality photos. 
Some of the common challenges I heard were:
* Struggling to get pets to “pose” for a picture 
* Photos were too dark or blurry
* Photo didn't accurately depict the feeling of the moment 
* Pet industry business owners wanted to improve the imagery on websites or marketing materials
Sound familiar?
I have taken my years of experience photographing furbabies and condensed it into a 2-week course that offers you the most valuable tips, saving you time and effort, and not to mention hundreds of dollars on professional photography. I will show you how to overcome technical difficulties and how to edit your snapshots to turn everyday photos into lasting portraits.  
Ready to become your own professional pet “photogra-fur”, available to capture “pawsome” moments at any time? Great! I can’t wait to meet you and your furbabies online in the PUParazzi School! 
Vasi Siedman

Learn to take pictures of your pets like a pro using just your phone!

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