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Hi Friends,

A lot of us love taking photos of our dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not too easy to capture the perfect portraits of your furry baby. Yes, some people would say that the reason is that you are using your phone, not a camera. The truth is that lighting, angles, and editing can help your smartphone pet pictures look like a pet photographer has taken them. 


The truth is that with the right sources and knowledge, you can take pretty incredible photos of your pet family members. 

I would encourage you to check out our Youtube Chanel and watch some of the videos. Believe me!!! You will learn so so much!

Here is the like to youtube:

Some of you realize the importance of using video lights, softboxes, background stand, wrinkle-free backdrop, etc... 


I created a list of the equipment on a budget I use and recommend. It is from Amazon. 

Here is list for you to check out:



Learn to take pictures of your pets like a pro using just your phone!

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