PetPix Academy partners with Brands loved by so many fur-parents and pet-lovers worldwide. 
The quality of each Brand's products and services featured here are second to none.
Here are a few of my favorite Brands that I have had the pleasure to collaborate with.

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Little Maggie & Co.

Stylish & Sophisticated Apparel & Accessories for Dogs & Dog Moms

Maggie & Co. offers Bandanas with matching Accessories, Necklaces and Bracelets, Bows, and much more for your fur-baby. 

They even offer matching Human Accessories so you and your fur-baby can go out together in style.  I love to wear Maggie's necklaces and hair bows myself and I am constantly complimented on how great they look.

Many of Maggie's necklaces, bandanas, and hair bows are worn by @Delilah_diary during her weekly studio sessions. Sometimes I even borrow them when I do Facebook Lives!

MaryEllen's Pet Designs

One of a kind pet clothing fashion couture.

 Follow them on Facebook @MaryEllen 's Pet Designs

Follow them on Instagram @mary_ellens_pet_designs


Glamorous costumes for dogs. Handmade with the finest fabrics and bejewelled with Swarovski!

Inspired by Creative Director, Rochelle Fawcett, Furdrobe creates some of the world's most decadent, luxurious and glamorous hand made Bows, Tutus, and Gowns for your Very Important Pet. 

Furdrobe has been featured on Television and in Print Media in the U.K. and U.S.  I was first introduced to Furdrobe while photographing @Delilah_diary three years ago and have been delighted to work closely with them ever since. 

Their clothing and accessories are statement pieces and my very own Chico loves to wear Furdrobe.

Young Woofians

No more tear stains with #HappyTearsProducts

 I was introduced to Miss Teddy's mommy, Sue, who later joined me on a PetPix Academy podcast to talk about her new pet product.  Like many of our fur-babies, Miss Teddy had a problem with Tear Stains (called Epiphora); which is the red or brown stains around or under your pet's eyes. 

Tear Stains are common but more visible on light colored fur and tend to affect dogs with shorter snouts.  Sue tried many of the products on the market but none worked very well. 
Not to be discouraged, Sue created her own very effective and natural Tear Stain Remover that she offers (sells?) to fur-parents and pet lovers everywhere. 
Listen to our podcast episode here:  here.

  • Follow them on Instagram @young_woofians
  • Get the Happy Tears® Limited Edition Complete Tear Stain Treatment Kit. Use coupon: PetPix10 — Shop here

Puppy Post by Rivka

The place to shop & support independent brands for your pup.

A comprehensive hub of amazing businesses brought together in one place. Find everything you need for your pup, whilst supporting independent brands.

Do you ever dream of your fur-baby being featured in a magazine?  I had the pleasure of meeting Rivka; the founder of Puppy Post, a little over a year ago.  She is such an amazing and giving person. 

We have collaborated on a few projects together and I was very excited to learn Rivka was featuring me in an edition of her magazine and had also chosen one of my clients to be on the cover!  Join Rivka and the Puppy Post community on her weekly Facebook Live every Sunday.

Listen to our podcast episode here.

Poochie Parfum

I had the opportunity to meet Lori-Rose a few months ago. I was very impressed by a luxe perfume made with essential oils and quality natural ingredients. Lori -Rose had created for Miss Dior... I kept hearing from students how much they enjoyed both perfumes.. So I got Chick Beach for my boy Chico.. Omg, he loves wearing it.. He smells so amazing... and I can't stop hugging and kissing me, lol

P.S. The Girl's perfume is named: Champagne Kisses... how adorable.

Don't forget to listen to our podcast episode here.

You may order through their Instagram page or Facebook page.

More Brands To Come!

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