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Hosted by: Vasi Siedman

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I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with you about your furry babies, your passion for the pet community, and more.

The PetPix World Podcast was launched in March 2021 and has since become a top-rated show, ranking in the top 0.5% globally, top 10 in the USA, and top 2 in multiple countries.

With over 150,000 downloads, 550 five-star reviews, and even a mention in Puppy Post UK, the show is available on all major podcast platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, and Pandora.

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Then, fill in the necessary information such as your bio, the topics you would like to discuss, and your social media links in third person/ third party so we can use it for our podcast notes.

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Please email your photos to [email protected] .

We would also like to invite you to be featured in our digital virtual magazine. Please ask Vasi for more details! Click here to see the magazine.


📞 Book Your Podcast Interview Request →

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