#276 The amazing story of Boss Nation Brands Inc. & the Boss Dog® Brand and Boss Cat®

We are so excited to share with you Basel Nassar's story in this show.

Nassar’s best friends and loyal followers, a 170 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback dog and an 11 pound Siamese Lynx cat, were his inspiration for founding Boss Nation Brands Inc. with the Boss Dog® Brand and Boss Cat® brand pillars.

The company, founded in late 2018, has grown leaps and bounds since inception. Nassar is proud to say that when you stand in the center of a pet store you will be able to see his products in every segment of the pet store.

Basel was one of the original founders of Greek Gods Yogurt, which is now a multi-million-dollar brand sold in grocery stores all over the world. After selling that company, Basel decided to start another company, Boss Dog Brand, after he adopted a dog named Kelby who refused to eat. Kelby was a picky eater and had digestive issues, so Basel, understanding the yogurt industry, created a yogurt full of probiotics for dogs. Kelby loved it and soon the company began in late 2018.

Two years later, Basel wants to help felines too. With the help of his cat Franky, a 3-year-old Siamese Lynx, Boss Cat is now a reality. It all makes sense, since his little kitty runs the show in his family, which also includes three dogs and a rescued 300-pound tortoise named Otis.

He supports animal welfare nonprofits, and has sponsored adoption events all over the United States, which has helped hundreds of cats and dogs find new loving homes. Basel is a serial entrepreneur and minority business owner who is passionate about making life better for animals. He’d make a wonderful guest as he has a big personality.


Connect: Boss Dog:https://www.chewy.com/s?query=boss%20dog&nav-submit-button=

Boss Cat: https://www.chewy.com/boss-cat-complete.../dp/379371


Website: https://bossnationbrands.com


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