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I am so glad you are here. I love a new challenge and "creating"! It is my passion. I call every day MaryEllen telling her "I HAVE A NEW IDEA". I am so proud uniting our pet community with our Podcast, Magazine, Livestream interviews and events from all around the World! Thank you for being with me on this journey! I hope you are ready to learn how to capture your pets’ most adorable moments and a lot of other things. I developed PetPix World because so many of my clients were looking for suggestions on how to photography their furry family members at home, so I created a course where even the most inexperienced phone-holder can create professional-quality photos. 
Some of the common challenges I heard were:
* Struggling to get pets to “pose” for a picture 
* Photos were too dark or blurry
* Photo didn't accurately depict the feeling of the moment 
* Pet industry business owners wanted to improve the imagery on websites or marketing materials
MaryEllen, talented pet clothing designer


MaryEllen has been sewing for many, many years, making fashions for humans. 7 years ago she found herself with a small white pomeranian, a laptop, and a Facebook account. Looking at all those beautiful furbaby clothes on Facebook got her to making clothes for her pups. She loved it so much she joined groups as a designer. She currently makes One-of-a-kind couture for both boys and girls. Her designs have been seen on the runway. MaryEllen also assists Vasi with many facets of PetPix World including the new magazine, the website, the podcasts and the facebook groups. Her learned skills in the English language and people skills thru her many years in MaryEllen 's Pet Designsbusiness have not been wasted in her retirement years and working with Vasi allowed her the chance to continue to use those skills. Fun, fashion and photography are her world! Owner of MaryEllen 's Pet Designs
Mariz, our creative and amazing website and branding Guru



Mariz is a talented website, branding and social media specialist and our team super star. She is very knowledgeable and modern thinking like Vasi and MaryEllen. We are so grateful to her for bringing out our mission, helping and uniting fur community all around the world.
Marven Werner, our podcast editor specialist and publisher



Marven and Vasi have been working together since 2020. Marven is so creative and very open minded to the global new trends in podcasting and videos. He is an instrumental and very valuable part of our team.
Nomillyn Delitina, our social media specialist  


Nomillyn is a very creative and passionate social media specialist. She creates some of our social media graphics and shares them with our awesome community. We are so excited she is a part of our team.

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We are so excited to share with you our First Petpix World Magazine!

1 year after launching our podcast, we are trilled to be able to create our First HYBRID Magazine!

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The PetPix World Magazine is the go-to magazine for the latest in pet fashion, virtual and physical pet events and all things pet-related! 🐢😸

With columns showcasing pet designers & experts from all over the world, sharing pet parenting tips, fun games, food recipes & medications, health tips for your furry babies, celebrating your pet's birthday or 'gotcha day', and honoring those who have crossed the rainbow bridge. 🌈 Plus, as a bonus, you get proven hacks to grow your pet business.

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PetPix World focuses on highlighting the pet fashion world, pet experts, pet parents, virtual and physical pet events and fundraisers from all around the world. Vasilena (Vasi) is a professional photographer and she gives some very valuable tips on how to take phone photos, videos and how to grow your social media or pet business. PetPix World is a fun positive and very encouraging pup parents and pet business community. 

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